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Kashyk | Janeway | J/Kashyk


Kashyk | Janeway | J/Kashyk


  • "I wouldn't mind having someone around that appreciate a bit of Tchaikovsky now and then." -

  • "As you were."

  • "It's tough to avoid." -

  • "There's no need to insult the man just because he doesn't know how to find an interspacial flexure." -

  • *sigh* "Lets do it in the morning, we've done enough for tonight." -

  • "Kashyk..." -

  • "I'm still counting on getting this ship home." -

Kashyk | Janeway | J/Kashyk

Kashyk & Janeway

  • Kashyk: "You created false readings."
    J:"That is the theme for this evening, isn't it?" -

  • Kashyk: "Do you trust me?"
    J: "Not for a second." -

  • Kashyk: "Captain, I'm a reasonable man, and you've been co-operative. But consider this a reminder, you have a long trip through Devore space, and good friends can be an asset."
    J: "I'll keep it in mind." -

  • J: "Only this time, they answer to me. Consider them a reminder that Voyager is my ship.
    Kashyk: "I don't think anyone could doubt that." -

  • Kashyk: "Could be the company I'm keeping."
    J: "Or the polarization axis of the windows."
    Kashyk: "That must be it."
    J: *laughs* -

  • Kashyk: "I suppose you liked me better in uniform."
    J: "I haven't decided whether like you at all."
    Kashyk: *huff* -

  • Kashyk: "It's not like you to give up. Think harder."
    J: *sigh* -

  • J: "Its too dangerous."
    Kashyk: "Kathryn..." -

  • J: "That's a leap of faith I'm not ready to make."
    Kashyk: "You're turning me away." -

  • J: "No hard feelings."
    Kashyk: "No hard feelings." -

  • J: "Gaharay?"
    Kashyk: "It means strangers." -

Kashyk | Janeway | J/Kashyk

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