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Kate's Fashions

by deetrain (c) Sept. 2002


40's Fashion, daring to dress like a man.  Katy's adornment was dominant, professional-chic and feminine. The shirt was a navy silk button up with a wide collar: stiff enough to pop-up, elegant enough to stop a man. The suit was cream-colored silk crepe with a wide and obvious stitch that mirrored the color of the navy shirt. The pockets of the suit's coat were wide, stitched similarly and with a collar to match the dominance of the shirt.  The pants were wide, and cuffed at the foot. Side-cut pockets were perfect for Katy to place her hands in and make a domineering stance when the moment so called.  The pleats stopped at the thigh, sewn in, then disappearing into pressed creases that would cut your finger. Katy's shoes matched the stitching and the shirt, blue. They were high-buckled mary-janes with a dance heel and eye-lid toe openings. Perfect authentic attire!


Massachusetts's Casual, perfect day to night wear in the Hamptons. Katy aged dramatically, and eerily; her red locks that had caressed her shoulders turned into gray curls atop her head - the likeness was engaging and the costume was the same. Katy wore a black long-sleeved turtle neck to keep herself warm in the winter air, and a light blue shirt as if it were a jacket; after all, you can't pop the collar of a turtle neck. Spence's red sweater, dear to her, draped her shoulders. The pants, still silk crepe, and a color darker than the cream suit, but not as tan as the beach where the house pleats, no creases. She wore white socks, to keep her feet warm; she was recovering from a car accident and wore a velcro-clasped cast on her right leg that was nearly thigh high.  To top off this Boston-chic, a candy-cane walking stick that Katy often used as a head rest.  Astonishing.