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Series: VOY
Rating: PG
Codes: J, N, Ka, drabble
Summary: Janeway remembers Kashyk.
Date Posted: 99 Oct 3
Archiving/posting: Yes for ASC/EM and BLTS and JetK. Others please ask.
Disclaimer: Paramount owns pretty much everything.

Mess Hall
by Boadicea

I never cry, not even alone, certainly not at that empty table in that empty room.

He enters, sits with me, silent as I do not cry. For a man, lost. For a man who wrestled with ethics, and won. For myself.

"He touched me," I say. "I don't even know if he wanted me."

"How could he not?" he says, taking my hand. His skin is dry and warm.

"I'm hungry," I say, my throat tightening, breath catching.

"I'll fix you something," he says, softly. "For you, the kitchen's always open."

When he kisses me, I taste my tears.


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